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Tap into your inner strength and free the empowered you within in this challenging power yoga class. Challenge yourself mentally and physically while connecting mind, body, and spirit. Move mindfully through creative and powerful flows that will make you sweat and leave you in a state of bliss in a well-earned savasanana.

EmPOWERed Yoga Warrior

Unwind from the day with this slow, deep, and soothing yin yoga practice for the fascia and joints to release tension and stress from body and mind. This class guarantees a great sleep!

Unwind Yin Yoga

Discover “the art of 8 limbs - punch, kick, elbow, knee, teep, clinch, and shadowbox in this fun, high-intensity class. Learn Muay Thai boxing techniques, practicing striking combinations and unlock a new level of confidence. Beginners encouraged.

Mighty 8 Muay Thai

LEVEL up! Practice conquering your day by picking up heavy stuff up and putting it down. Grab your weights, prepare to get a serious pump on in this intense weight training class. Some weight training experience recommended.

A Whole 'Nother LEVEL

This is the ideal class for a busy schedule! Get seriously fit in this quick and efficient 35-minute high-intensity workout. Engage in short bursts of 100% effort followed by short, sometimes active rests. We'll primarily use body weight but some options for adding light weights are provided.

Get Fit HIIT

This gentle morning practice will ensure you start your day off right - with purpose and the intention to lead a healthy and fulfilled life. Move through some sun salutations to generate warmth and wake up the body and mind. 

Rise and Shine Yoga

Release mental and physical stress in this blissful meditation session. Set the intention to let go and surrender and consciously bring more ease into your life.

Stress Release


Join Jiana and Matthew in this 30-minute high intensity interval training class. You will have the benefit of being guided by two trainers and seeing different variations of the exercises. Come solo or grab a partner and join this fun and creative workout!


Become blissfully more present with this 15-minute mindfulness meditation. Set the intention to pay attention, stop and smell the roses, recognize all the beauty within and around us.